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People often ask if they can install hardwood flooring directly over concrete or how can I install a hardwood floor over concrete? Well the answers are simple - Yes and with Elastilon.

So what is Elastilon? It is a revolutionary Self Adhesive Installation System used for the installation of solid and engineered hardwood floors in any room including the basement. Floors are installed directly onto the Elastilon adhesive surface over any sub-surface including directly over concrete. More so, Elastilon provides a solution for both the homeowner and the installer.  Read More...


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"The result? A super tight gap-less floor that will still flex with fluctuations in temperature without cracking or warping – and it should outlast us."

"RT @ExtremeHow_To The @ElastilonUSA #Flooring System – As easy as 1-2-3."

ElastilonUSA (@ElastilonUSA)

Self Adhesive Flooring Installation System "Nothing could be easier or more hassle free than your product. I would recommend it to anyone."

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