A revolutionary wood floor installation system, born in The Netherlands

Beautiful floors shouldn’t be at the mercy of changes in climate. At least that’s what Elastilon’s creator thought when he invented a self-adhesive installation system that reduces gapping, warping, and buckling while providing excellent thermal and acoustic properties.

Twenty Years of Success

Elastilon was developed over 20 years ago in The Netherlands by Fred van Bers of Osbe Parket Bv. His invention provided a quicker, easier, and more flexible way to install flooring on any existing surface, which earned him international success.

20 years later, Elastilon is marketed in many countries around the world and now includes a wide range of specialized products for different applications. Elastilon solves common problems that can affect nailed or glued floors, such as: gapping, buckling, and cupping as a result of changes in humidity. It simplifies hardwood-flooring installation over virtually any surface, above and below grade, including concrete, significantly reducing installation time. While ease of installation is a major benefit to using Elastilon, performance is its most important feature. An Elastilon-backed floor provides superior walking comfort and dampens the sound often associated with wood floors.




Elastilon can be used to install any flooring on almost any existing surface. Its ability to function with so many different flooring combinations means that it’s perfect for virtually every project.

Easy to Install

When the only tool you need for installation is a knife, you can be sure that the process will be straightforward. Elastilon is also quick to repair during and after the installation.

Save Time & Money

Elastilon's easy installation cuts down the time it will take you to get the job done and we both know that cutting time means cutting cost. Check out our installation time calculator to see exactly how much time you'll be saving with Elastilon.


Literally flexible, Elastilon expands and contracts to accommodate fluctuating temperatures and humidity. Its peel-off adhesive also allows for project flexibility so that you can start and stop whenever it's convenient for you.

Clean & Safe

Elastilon doesn't contain VOC’s and thanks to its unique construction your installation is odor–free, non allergenic, cleaner-free, and resistant to mold and decay.


Hardwood floors installed with Elastilon have added cushion and are noticeably warmer due to the layer of dense foam. Elastilon is also fully compatible with in-floor heating systems and helps to dampen sound.

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