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Perfect for contractors and flooring specialists alike, Elastilon allows you to install virtually any type of hardwood floor on any surface, above or below grade, including concrete.

Better still, there's no need for complex subfloor constructions. Elastilon bonds directly with the hardwood and creates a solid, inseparable floor, cutting installation times by up to 70%. Save time, money, and eliminate the need for expensive call-backs.

Here's what sets Elastilon apart from traditional nail & glue-based installation methods:

  • No special tools are required (Elastilon cuts easily with a knife)
  • It's lightweight & easy to handle
  • No open time concerns and a long shelf life means excess product can be used at a later date
  • Floors can be walked on immediately after installation
  • No VOC's or odors and non allergenic (resistant to mold and decay)
  • Reduces gapping and cupping
  • It can be installed over multiple surfaces, excluding carpet
  • It's easy on the knees during installation
  • Repairs are easy and can be made during and after installation
  • Improved noise reduction & underfoot comfort
  • No messy glues and no clean up
  • Compatible with infloor-heating systems
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