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Paolo Zampieron Paolo Zampieron
Elastilon Installation Expert

Tip 15

Very dry or humid regions of the country usually require extended conditioning to balance the wood to its environment.

Tip 16

The use of dehumidifier or humidifier depending on the situation may be necessary to maintain desired results.

Tip 29

To minimize board-end gapping always apply carpenters wood glue (Tite-Bond or similar) to all board-end joints.

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Time to Install

Do you have your knife ready? Elastilon's wood floor underlay uses a peel back adhesive so that you can get your floor finished quickly and on your schedule.

It'll Take You



To install your new floor using Elastilon*.

You'll Save



Compared to typical glue-based installations.

Along with being faster, our adhesive conveniently allows you to start and stop your project whenever you need to. Because there’s no glue, you can walk on your new floor as soon as you're done.

* Installation times are approximations based on a typical installation. Your results may vary. Feel free to contact us for any further assistance you may need.

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