Limited Lifetime Warranty

Elastilon warrants to the original purchaser that Elastilon will maintain its bond and retain its elasticity for the life of your floor.

This warranty applies to Elastilon when installed with all engineered and solid hardwood floorings and used in strict accordance with both the flooring manufacturers and the Elastilon written pre-installation, installation and post installation instructions including but not limited to subfloor preparations, moisture/temperature and expansion requirements.


The warranty does not cover damages to Elastilon or the installed flooring caused by, but not limited to the following:

  • Installations that have not strictly followed the Elastilon instructions and the flooring manufacturers’ procedures.
  • Abuse, misuse or defects with the wood flooring.
  • Any outdoor applications.
  • Improper maintenance: any changes in temperature and moisture conditions outside the set parameters found in the Elastilon instructions.
  • Installation of Elastilon and/or the flooring manufacturer’s product that contains any pre and/or post manufacturing defects or alterations.
  • The installation of Elastilon below grade without the use of a properly installed 6 mil polyethylene film vapor barrier or the installation of Elastilon on or above grade with moisture levels in excess of recommended amounts.
  • Please note: A calcium chloride test or a moisture content reading must be performed prior to the installation of Elastilon over any concrete surface. An approved 6 mil polyethylene film poly vapor must be installed on all on grade and above grade applications where moisture levels are in excess of required parameters (as outlined in the Elastilon installation instructions).
  • Hydrostatic pressure as well as excessive uncontrolled moisture and/or temperature conditions or vapor emissions.
  • Standing water, fire, floods or natural disasters.
  • Water damage due to any leaks, including, but not limited to leaks in walls, windows or floors.
  • Water damage due to excessive use of water or cleaners used in the maintenance of the wood flooring.
  • Water damage due to faults or failures of the plumbing system or drainage system.
  • Improper substrate preparation, as well as any defects or failures of patch compounds, fillers, adhesives, or other subfloor levelling compounds which can affect the performance of the Elastilon membrane.

Elastilon reserves the right to inspect each claim in advance of any compensation. Submittal of a copy of the original materials invoice is required. All claims repaired and/or replaced without prior written authorization will void the warranty.

In the event of a valid claim under this warranty, Elastilon will repair, replace, or reimburse (on a sq.ft. basis), at its sole discretion, that section of the Elastilon that has proven to be defective. Elastilon will only repair, replace or reimburse the Elastilon material one time only. The reimbursement does not include flooring materials and labor charges related directly to the installation of the flooring material or the Elastilon. Elastilon is not responsible for costs associated with subfloor preparation, mouldings/doors and other sundries and their installation, travel expenses, furniture moving, loss of use, or any other incidental and/or consequential damages.

Please note: Failure to follow the instructions will void the warranty. Please contact your local Elastilon representative or Elastilon directly, prior to installation, if you have any questions or concerns about your installation.

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