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* Calculation is rounded up to the nearest roll and includes 5% for waste and adjustment.

† This is an estimate only, based on a typical DIY installation. There are many variables that can affect installation time such as board width and length, the shape of the room, the number of doors etc.

In-Store Hints

  1. Elastilon Strong is stocked in most stores. All other products can be found online.
  2. Some locations keep Elastilon in their adhesive section as opposed to their flooring section. We don't want you wandering aimlessly!
  3. A roll of Elastilon Strong measures 8� (20.35cm) in diameter x 40� (100 cm) in length so you should be able to fit a few rolls in your trunk.
  4. A roll of Elastilon weighs 7 lbs (3.2 kg).

Tip 6

To promote best board bonding into the adhesive top layer, remove any trace of dust from the back of the boards after making cuts.

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